Dry Aged Box : Monthly

£65.00 every 4 weeks on Wednesday

Selected from the best of Luke's beef, farmed at Heron's Green and then dry aged at Blagdon Butchers.

First payment: 29th May 2019



Created from the best of Luke’s drg aged beef all aged for at least 30 days in our specially built air dryer at Blagdon Butchers.

Dry aged 100% Pasture Fed Minced Beef – 450g
Bevette Steak 8oz steaks – 450g
35 day dry age 100% Pasture Fed rump steaks – 450g
Dry aged 100% Pasture Fed Shin of Beef – 450g
Dry age 100% Pasture Fed short rib of beef – 1kg
35 day dry age 100% Pasture Fed Sirloin steaks – 450g
Boned and rolled 100% Pasture Fed Brisket of beef – 1.5kg
100% Pasture Fed Salt beef – 1kg

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